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Your YouTube description is important. It will affect how you rank against other videos. Ensure that you are make your description SEO friendly every time you upload a video to YouTube. To make this process fast, you should make a template. Before I we dive into the SEO benefits, lets talk about why templates are great to use.

If you’re looking to make yourself look the part, you need to be consistent. This will make your channel way nicer.

As people get used to the feel of your channel, more people will stick around. More people will post comments, and more people will subscribe.

Before you upload your video, you should think about these things. All of which, will factor into your description.

  • How many time you use your keywords
  • How long your description is
  • What links you will share
  • How to get your viewers to do comment

These can all be achieved following a simple YouTube description template that you can use whenever you please.

An example of an SEO friendly YouTube description

Target keyword: white wedding cake


White Wedding Cake like never seen before. Share your opinion in the comments below and head to  to find out more.


This wedding cake is well known for being particularly white. Our company is well known for its specialty desserts and we have provided cake for over 2000 wedding's since 2005. Encrusted in icing from Swarovski and cake made with the finest flour, you can trust that this white wedding cake is perfect for any occasion.


Many people have purchased our goods in the past and we have a history of providing great customer service at any cost. If you wish for a white cake for any other occasions, even those that are not wedding related you may contact us using the social links below.


Subscribe to me here on YouTube: [FAQS] Question 1, with keyword: Answer 1. Question 2 with partially included keyword: Answer 2. Question 3: Answer 3, with keyword. [AUDIENCE RETENTION] If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask in the comments box below, we love to hear and converse about what everyone has to say about white wedding cake. Thumbs up and subscribe too!

Simply follow the pseudo-template and replace each part accordingly; if you have any questions then please ask in the comments section below.


  1. Thanks for the template. Does Youtube check for description changes after the video has been published?
    Someone told to me one that the video file name that you upload to YouTube (not the title) affects SEO is this true?

    • You are very welcome! They do yes; most search engines, of which YouTube is one, will regularly scrawl through their index for changes. The popularity of your content will see your updates happen faster however.

    • There’s various things that affect your video SEO. What this person told isn’t necessarily true.

      Your title, description, and tags are perhaps the most important text content optimisations you can make. There are other factors though, for example the file name, quality, video retention, subscribe ratios .etc


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