This tutorial will show you how to get the most of YouTube SEO. Follow these search optimization tips for YouTube and you’ll be ranking in no time.

Optimize your video’s description

My first SEO tip for YouTube is based on the biggest on-page asset that you have, your description.

Long gone are the days where you could stuff a list of keywords in your description and hope to rank; YouTube aka. Google, is far far far cleverer than that, so be legitimate.

image 36
Example of a well SEO’d YouTube description

If you aren’t literate, get a friend, spouse, sibling, or child to do it for you, preferably the one that can write the best. The trick is not to be too articulate with your punctuation and wordings; keep it simple, descriptive, and to the point; you are feeding a robot, not a Grammar Nazi.

Target popular keywords and phrases

When I say with more care, I’m not telling you to make sure you put in 2000 exact match keywords that you want to rank for into your tags section; taking more care over your targeted keywords means:

  • Physically look at how many people are ranking for that keyword
  • Run an SEO analysis on the top-ranking videos that you’ll be competing against
  • Make an executive decision based on subscribers, views, likes and social shares as to whether or not your keyword is too broad
  • Find some micro-niche keywords if everything is too ambiguous
  • Describe the contents of your video in a few short word/phrases

Fooling the system is what fools do, but anyway, that rounds up YouTube SEO tip number 2 for 2015.

Take advantage of social signals

A social signal simply equates to “what Google/YouTube sees as relevant because there’s traffic coming from/to social networks”, and generally it’s considered as an SEO tip that’s going to become a lot more prevalent in coming years as people no longer talk “IRL” but do on Facebook.

image 37
image 37

If you’re fortunate to have no friends, you’ll have enough spare time to share your own content on social networks including (but not limited to the obvious):

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest

Don’t forget social bookmarking sites either, while from my personal experience they tend to do apparently nothing for direct traffic to my links, they do carry authority and that mystical “link juice” people talk about.

Increase engagement

While you can create multiple accounts and like, subscribe and comment on your videos, if you’re not prepared to do this every day, you kinda need to ask your viewers to do this for you.

image 39
Thumbs ratios

Positivity (thumbs up & subscribing) + socializing (commenting) = better rank; ask your users to do their part.

image 38
Comments and thumbs

Create conversation, increase activity, and when someone makes a good comment, thumbs up their comment, it adds more to the viability of the video.

If you’re struggling to get likes and subscribers, you can get promotion services on SEOClerks for super cheap; they’ll boost your channel, videos, subscribers for pennies.

Upload your video with higher resolution

240p – 480p uploads seem to manifest magnetic properties to the close button on the tab for me, as it does for the majority of other people.

image 40
Resolution options on YouTube videos

Video quality is directly correlated with audience retention and a surefire way to repel your audience is by uploading sh*tty videos, it only takes a few minutes more to render videos in good quality and to upload them, but this does wonder for audience retention which is a massive youtube SEO factor.

image 41
Examples of videos with good resolution ranking high

I hope that these points will be used and put to their full potential, obviously, there are whole loads more SEO tips that I could have given but I need content for other days too, so subscribe via. email or register to my blog and you’ll be notified of all future updates.


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